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CGC Polish has been designed by the creator and Director of Concrete Grinding Concepts.

By constantly changing and adapting to individual concrete floors using only the finest quality machinery and diamond products, we have perfected a signature finish to give the CGC Polish we guarantee.

CGC also caters to those who don’t want their concrete floors to be too shiny but to still want that flawless mechanical polish by offering a Satin & Semi-Gloss finish with the added guarantee that your floor will be just as durable as any other.

Epoxy coatings are rapidly becoming the new and artistic way to style your home, workplace or showroom.

With their extreme durability and versatility, Epoxy coatings allow any finish whether it be a Brush Stroke Finish with multiple colours enhanced with reflector to give your floor the effect of a mirror bursting with colour, a Stencilled Finish where only your imagination sets the boundaries to A Clear Coating System that allows the beauty of the concrete floor to give it character.

Some concrete floors, typically those of poor strength cannot be mechanically polished. This is where a grind and seal is the next best option.

This method of polished concrete requires us to grind down to your desired exposure levels and then instead of naturally polishing the concrete we coat it with either polyurethane or water based sealants.

This Form of polished concrete is a lot more cost effective than mechanical polished concrete and still looks great and offers high durability and excellent stain resistance.

Acid etched polished concrete gives a look of the traditional exposed aggregate without the harsh underfoot feeling.

It is a stylish way to revamp your alfresco and is suited well around pools or wet areas because of its non-slip surface and great look.

Handmade art designed by our team produces concrete in its simplest but most elegant form.

Products ranging from countertops, tables, outdoor settings, benches, gas fireplaces and furniture can be produced in any form or style and shape you desire.

Each piece of furniture is carefully designed and hand crafted so that we can present the best quality, custom made furniture you desire.

For example whether it be bar stools, bedside tables, outdoor settings chairs CGC can give your home or workplace a completely individual look like no other.

Using our state of the art machinery we are also able to strip any types of glues, epoxy paints or self-levelling products off concrete that may be hindering your construction process.

We also offer a floor levelling service because we know that sometime concretes don’t always get it right and things can go wrong.

Whether it be grinding down concrete humps to allow for tiles to be glued down or building up levels to match existing ones we can ensure that your floors will be right for you to continue on with your project.

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