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Looking for professional concrete grinders for your project.

Polished concrete floors in a retail setting are simply just a practical solution for flooring.
Concrete being such a diverse product you can have a range of colours with different finishes. The most common finish would be water-based products in retail settings as to not disrupt other businesses and with quicker drying times to get your business open as soon as possible.

We Understand Your Requirements

Mechanical Polishing(internal), High End Grind & Seals(internal/external), Grind & Seals (external), Acid Etched Polished Concrete (external) & Epoxies.

CGC is also set up to tackle large commercial jobs with JSA’s SWMS & EBA agreements in place, we also understand how time-sensitive projects can be and are available night and day to ensure the project is completed with the highest quality.

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