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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating makes for a fantastic protective floor finish. They are made from a two pack epoxy resin that sets into a hard, smooth finish that is resistant to chemicals, solvents and staining.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a multi-step process where a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives in order to cut a concrete floor’s surface. It is then refined with each cut in order to achieve a specified level of appearance.

Grind & Seals

Grind and Seal is a system by which the concrete is ground for exposure and to remove as many scratches as possible and then *grouted to fill minor cracks and surface imperfections. A clear topical sealer is used to give the concrete its protection, wearing surface and shine.

Concrete Coating

For the past 10 years the team at Concrete Grinding Concepts have delivered exceptional and protective concrete floor coatings Melbourne home and business owners can trust to enhance their environments.

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Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Renowned for its strength and resilience concrete is often a first choice for driveways thanks to being able to easily support the weight of cars, vans, and other vehicles. Over time dripping oil, water, and related automotive fluids can leave large and unsightly stains and discolouration that is impossible to clean.

To help restore the condition and colour of your property’s driveway the experts at Concrete Grinding Concepts can complete flawless and damage-resistant concrete driveway resurfacing for Melbourne homes and businesses. By using the right equipment our concrete driveway resurfacing strips away decades of built-up stains and leaves you with a driveway that your neighbours will envy.

Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

As passionate and professional concrete resurfacing contractors Melbourne residents from across the metro area can enjoy a higher standard of service that will make their concrete modern and last for decades. Working closely with our valued customers our helpful and experienced team can ensure that you get the right resurfacing for your needs and requirements. Get in touch with our dedicated team today by calling us on 0400 373 895.