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When thinking of laying floors for a new home or renovating an already existing home, most owners’ options are often limited to old carpets, floorboards, or laminates. However, recent trends have shown that many people are banking on polished concrete floors.

Concrete floors are known for their utility, longevity, and their adaptability to different seasons. They help with floor heating, which means that you can forego costly radiators and provide heat across the house instead of just some rooms or a few corners. In winters, the concrete floors feel warm underfoot. This gives you the happiness of both the worlds.

In addition to this, these floors also last for several years. Concrete floors can also be played around with; Simply adding a colour or some chips and sparkles of your choice to the mix gives a unique touch to your floor. Concrete floors are consumer-friendly, affordable and advantageous. Therefore, it is natural to want to know how much a concrete floor costs and this article will help you understand that.

Start Off With An Excellent Concrete Floor Grinder

We make use of a concrete floor grinder to even out raised areas and level the floor. Grinding machines come in several configurations. The floor is sometimes harder than granite and marble. Hence, a powerful concrete floor grinder is needed to flatten the floor properly. To maintain precision, there exist grinders specially designed for specific projects. For example, if your home needs concrete grinding, the grinder used should be able to tolerate stress and should have high power to cut even the toughest bumps. Often these concrete grinders deploy diamond grinding cup wheels to grind the floor.

How To Approximate The Potential Cost

The truth is that you will know the exact price only after the contractor reveals his quote. However, you can estimate the approximate cost by considering the following factors.

Size of the floor

As is obvious, the bigger the floor, the lower the price of grinding. This is due to the economies of the scale of concrete floor grinding. Your contractor will ask you to pay higher if the area to be levelled is less than 50000 square feet.

Type of Design Needed

The design complexity brings variations in the pricing. Some intricate designs need more time and a lot of effort in finishing them. Compared to the simpler ones, they are costlier. Therefore,

the extent of design plays a key role in deciding the cost per unit area. One good example is that of Saw cutting. The saw cuts require highly specialized technicians to invest a lot of time, energy and hence are very costly. Some other designs that are priced higher than usual include stencilling and installation of metal divider caps.

Number of Rooms

Higher the number of rooms the higher will be the number of edges and doorways to work. This leads to increased use of small handheld equipment, and therefore, the labor costs increase.

Current Condition of the floor

Patches, cracks, holes, gouges, stains and other intensive repairs in the flooring calls for higher work, and therefore, the price increases accordingly. The materials needed to fill the cracks also add to the costs. Sometimes, when the existing floor has to be removed, it impacts the surface preparation of the new floor. For example, if a floor is covered with carpets, the glue needs to be removed to lay a new floor. Thus, smoother floors make grinding easier and are less costly.

Above grade installations

More decorations on the floor imply a higher requirement for installations. Installations like raised decks or subfloors on polished floors will cost you an additional $2 to $3 per unit area. In most cases, these are followed by waterproof seals, a concrete overlay, and final finishing coats.  

Shine level

The amount of shine required is conclusive in determining the number of steps in polishing required. The glossier the finish, the number of steps will also be more, thus leading to higher costs.

Geographical Location

Some costly residential areas or commercial zones have expensive costs compared to other areas. The contractors of these locations, say big metropolitan cities, often quote higher prices compared to the adjacent rural areas.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, the amount of money you need to invest in grinding a smooth concrete floor depends on your requirements as mentioned above. Taking all the costs into account helps you prepare an accurate budget of the construction work. And above everything, highly experienced and competitive concrete grinding contractors/ services who put concrete grind quality, customer-centric approach, design specialization first are the need of the hour.