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we have branched out and are now offering Tiling services. We also offer everything that comes with it grouting, sealing and surface prep.

Surface Preparation

Tiling installation requires some preparation. Levelling and prepping is required. The surface requires alot mroe attention than most people recognise. Preparing for tile installations is as important as actually installing the tiles, which is why our professional tilers use all the appropriate steps to ensure customer satisfaction.


Rejuvenate old bathrooms and tiles with our re-grouting service. This is the best way to bring back a worn and old surface.


An essential part of the process. This cannot be overlooked. Licensed waterproofers, will work on all your surfaces to keep it up to code and have a lasting effect.

Concrete Grinding Concepts now specialises in tiling services. 

Different options available from CGC


* Surface Prep
* Levelling
* Waterproofing
* Grouting
* Finishing

Different options available from the trucks we hire


Our experienced tiling contractors are some of Melbourne's best!
For your kitchen, laundry bathroom or outdoor needs we can create a finish you will be proud to show off.
We pride ourselves in the quality of our work.

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