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If you’re in a hurry: polished concrete floors are attractive, save you money, are eco-friendly and durable, and are shockingly easy to maintain. If you’re looking for more in-depth information, we are going into detail on each point as to why you should consider polished concrete flooring.

Polished concrete looks great

Melbourne architects love polished concrete for it’s spectacular aesthetic qualities. It looks great, and is highly customisable. Do you want understated, quirky, trendy, striking, or a clean, modern look?

Polished concrete has a range of different finish options which can provide you with an aesthetic to match your unique brand. You can even add in your logo or brand colours – one of polished concrete’s aesthetic strengths is its versatility.

Polished concrete can also be a highly reflective surface (or totally matte, once again it is highly versatile) which means it can bring a lot of light to a darker, or artificially lit space. The concrete’s polished surface acts as a mirror, effectively doubling the light and breathing life into a space that would be drab otherwise.

It looks great in offices, providing a modern, clean look which will be sure to make a great impression on clients and visitors alike.

Customers love polished concrete floors. The bright, clean surface primes them to view your product. Apple uses polished concrete in their newest stores so that their customers know that they are buying modern, premium products. Supermarkets often use polished concrete floors so that their customers are in a bright and clean environment. It also helps that concrete is incredibly durable and will stand up to a lot of foot traffic.

Polished concrete is easy to style with furniture and other small details. So no matter what kind of look you are going for, polished concrete can provide it.

green polished concrete flooring

Polished concrete is a green flooring solution

No, not literally (although it can be if you want!). Polished concrete has a high thermal mass which means it absorbs and stores heat, making the space more efficient to heat and cool, it’s high reflectivity means you will need less lighting, and it doesn’t need any harsh chemicals to keep clean.

Polished concrete is also a fantastic eco-friendly choice because you can often use the existing concrete slab in the building. The mere fact that nothing needs to be transported, installed, or manufactured means that it will be leagues ahead of many other flooring solutions in terms of a carbon footprint. Concrete floor grinding is a marvellous way to get a fantastic looking floor without hurting the environment.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, without sacrificing looks or durability, concrete floor grinding is an outstanding choice. Concrete is the go-to choice for passive solar design for a good reason.

Polished concrete is low-maintenance

If you want to keep your polished concrete looking great, it needs regular sweeping and mopping. That’s it. No steam cleaning, no harsh chemicals, and no fuss. If you’re in a smaller space, your staff can keep it looking great, and in larger offices and warehouses, the cost of maintenance will be a fraction of the cleaning costs of other flooring solutions.

Polished concrete is incredibly durable. It can take the constant foot traffic of a busy store, office chairs don’t leave marks, even forklifts without any damage.

Polished concrete’s durability means it will never need to be replaced. Concrete floor grinding with an epoxy seal can last

Polished concrete floors are economical

Everything that makes polished concrete floors eco-friendly also means they are great for your budget as well. Concrete floor grinding can reduce your lighting, heating, cooling and cleaning costs thanks to the polished concrete’s great durability and thermal mass. 

Concrete floor grinding also has one of the fastest installation times of any flooring solution, meaning you can have your business up and running a lot faster.

Polished concrete floors lay the foundation for an excellent workplace

The safety and health of your staff are paramount, whether you work in a shop, a kitchen, a factory, or an office.

Having a great looking floor provides benefits that go beyond impressing your clients and customers. Nobody likes working or existing in ugly spaces, and having a beautiful space to work in boosts morale and productivity.

A well-lit workspace also does wonders for morale, and polished concrete is an easy way to give your office, shop, or factory a bright and airy atmosphere.

Polished concrete is hypoallergenic, it rejects dust and detritus, making the space more comfortable for everybody, especially staff with hayfever or allergies.

For warehouses, factories, kitchens, and other hard-working spaces, concrete’s safety can be enhanced with a coat of epoxy. Epoxy floors make the concrete extremely slip resistant, even when wet, making it a great choice in Melbourne, for the safety of your staff. Epoxy floors are also slip-resistant for vehicles, meaning if you have a factory or warehouse in Melbourne, it would benefit greatly from an epoxy coating.

How to get low-maintenance, near-permanent, aesthetically pleasing polished concrete floors for your commercial, office, or retail space

If you need an affordable, functional, eye-pleasing, safe, and eco-friendly solution for your next office, commercial, or retail space anywhere in Melbourne, then polished concrete could be your answer. It looks amazing, it can boost morale, impress clients, protect the environment, and save you a ton of money.

Contact one of Concrete Grinding Concept’s specialists to discuss the installation of a polished concrete floor in your space today.

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